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Brunton SUM360 Compass With Inclinometer

Brunton or Silva SUM 360LA combines two proven field tools into a single aluminum housed instrument, the SUM360LA fills the need for a do-it-all instrument. SUM 360LA has inch and mm scales on its sides and two tables on its back. It also features sine and tangent tables for quick reference, useful distance conversions and two tripod adapter holes for azimuth and inclination measurement using our tripod or monopod.

Technical Specifications of SUM 360LA compass + inclinometer:

  • Azimuth / bearing accuracy +/- 0.5° with 1° resolution
  • Rubber line for direct azimuth/bearing readings from the side – accurate to +/- 2.5°
  • Sapphire jewel bearing inside a liquid dampened vial
  • Aluminum inclinometer card with precise scales for increased accuracy
  • Aluminum body
  • Use as a satellite locater
  • Tripod mountable
  • Sine scales: (0-45°)
  • Tangent scales: (0-45°)
  • Inch and mm scales: (0-5.25″ & 0-115mm)
  • Inclinometer: +/-90°
  • Grade scale: +/- 150°
  • Tripod mounting (bottom/edge): 1/4 – 20 threaded



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